that belongs to Christ.  There is a place for you here.

We believe God calls each of us by name.  Christ's church is not ours to control, nor is it our job to sort, divide, categorize or exclude.  Whenever we feel compelled to "draw the line" in our lives, we must acknowledge as Lutherans that Jesus always stands on both sides of that line.


What to Expect 

What's a service like? We are a liturgical church and employ a basic pattern for worship.  We gather.  We encounter God's word.  We share a meal at the Lord's table.  And we are sent into the world.  Services are about an hour in length and are filled with song, an uplifting message, and fellowship.
What's the music like? Our music fits the season, and we sing loud or soft depending on our voices.
How do people dress? Comfortable!  Christ wore sandals and so do some of our members.
What about my kids? Children are encouraged to worship with us.  During the 9:30 AM Service there is a "Time with Children" and a special message just for and with them.
Can I take Communion? Yes, of course! We believe in the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in, with and under the bread and wine.  
Therefore, you are most welcome to commune with us if you share our beliefs about this sacrament.  Children are encouraged to come forward for a blessing.
Where do I park? There's a parking lot next to our church.  
Handicap parking is available -- an elevator is available
Can I attend Bible Study? Yes! Anyone is welcome participate in our Bible Studies. 
Saint Paul Lutheran Church offers an 8:30AM Men's Bible Study each Friday plus a Women's Bible study that meets the second Monday of each month at 9:00AM. 
Please contact the church office, for the location of each study.

After the 9:30 AM service, you're invited to join us for coffee and fellowship

in the lower level Fellowship Hall.