that is energized by lively engagement in our faith and life.

"Our faith is a living, busy, active, mighty thing." said Martin Luther.  We continually strive for a deeper understanding of what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ means for the world.  Doing so puts us right where god want us to be: in the thick of life.

We invite you to set aside time for daily devotions

What does it mean to be "doing devotions" or "having devotions"?

These phrases are simply ways people describe spending time with God by reading the Bible (and other spiritual literature) and praying.

Why is having regular time with God important?

We spend time with God in order to deepen and strengthen our relationship with the One who created us.

Because we are all different and because each of us has a unique relationship with God, no one devotional pattern will work for everyone, and no one way works for anyone all of the time.

Here is a basic pattern to get you started:
Begin your devotional time by quieting yourself.  Take a few deep breaths and become still.  Some people light a candle or say a simple prayer such as, "O god, open my heart to hear your message to me in the works."
Then read a short passage in the Bible and some additional reading.  Links such as those below can guide you in choosing scripture passages and can help you connect the words of the Bible with concerns of everyday life.
At the end of your reading time, be silent and wait to see what words, feelings, or images rise in your heart or tug at your thoughts.  Notice what situations or people come to mind.
Consider how the words or images connect with your life; then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to see what God may be saying to you through what you have read, thought, and felt.
Say a prayer, asking God to help you follow the guidance you have received and to be with the people who came to mind during your reading and reflection.

Some people find it helpful to record their thoughts and feelings in a notebook or journal, to hlep them remember what God has been saying.  Others may find a "spiritual buddy" by asking a friend, co-worker, or someone at church to become your devotions partner.  Then, each day, they call or e-mail one another to discuss what they have read and what connections they make betyween the reading and their daily life.